Marketplace Privacy Policy

At Marketplace, we are mindful of the importance of privacy and security of information to
both our users and clients. Only the information that can be shared openly, is that which we
share as such, and robust efforts are made to conceal that which is, to the user or client, sensitive.

There are two kinds of people who use our services and products, one, normal users who search
for products and services from businesses across the country, two, clients who are the
businesses in the country. With that in mind a distinction of privacy policy thus has been
drawn and stated as follows:

1. Marketplace Users
• User login information in stored securely and all passwords are encryted so that even we
   don't have access to them.
• Secondly markets that you "mark" will not be allowed to use any of that information to make
   targeted and annoying ads to you.
• Email addresses collected by Marketplace are solely for communication between us and our
   users and no third party will be given access to them.
• Marketplace does not pass any judgement on the user's spending habits or products and services
   he/she likes to frequent.
• Email communication between Marketplace and ours users is depent on the level of acceptance
   by the users and no marketing plots will be played on our part.

2. Marketplace Clients
• Client private information such as registered business name, our liason, and other company
   sensitive information will not be shared without permission by the client,
   unless we are legally bounded to do so.
• Our client's business status such as the number of users that search for their business or
   the amount of daily 'marks' and profile views are only for the clients' benefit.
• Only registered users can comment on the profile of our clients and for the sake of transparency
   all comments can be publicly viewed.
• Any inappropriate comments by our users will be removed upon discovery and the user will be
   warned or even removed depending on the severity of the comment.

Thank you, Marketplace Team.
Latest update 23rd October 2011.